Outsourcing your laboratory needs is essential for quality control, technical testing, calibration, and analytical testing of various ranges of your products. It enables you to manage your lab operational costs, produces performance quality, optimizes revenues and productivity benefits. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we have the expertise and experience of efficiently carrying out your lab functions to allow you to maximize your performance and focus on what you do best. We offer the best laboratory testing and calibration of lab equipment in San Diego. When you outsource your laboratory needs to us, you are sure of getting accurate, timely, and premier results. Contact us at Biotechnical Services Inc. for your laboratory’s testing, regulatory, and environmental, health and safety services.

Here Are the Reasons You Should Outsource Your Laboratory Service Needs

Saving on Costs

When you outsource medium and complex scientific laboratory needs, you will be able to concentrate and redirect your workforce on income-generating activities, increasing your revenue. You can take advantage of negotiating for a fixed price for your laboratory needs, thus eliminating the burden of timesheets by your staff. Outsourcing to a scientific contractor will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Improved Project Delivery

If you lack specific skill sets in your laboratory, you may hinder your clients’ performance and service delivery. However, when you outsource certain laboratory services that you lack the expertise to a specialized company, you will get accountability on lab performance and quality control. Outsourcing enables you to overcome your obstacles and hasten your service delivery to your clients.

Skills and Expertise

When you contact us at Biotechnical Services Inc., you will be able to get access to our talent that will quickly meet your laboratory needs. Our specialized personnel will immediately fill your laboratory’s expertise and skills gap. You will benefit from our technical services leadership and governance in your laboratory. At Biotechnical Services Inc., all our staff has a scientific background for various specialized laboratory aspects. Having this team will help you solve the complexity of your laboratory problems. Our dedicated team can solve all your issues relating to lab equipment in San Diego.

Cultural Alignment

When you outsource your laboratory service needs, the onsite experts will be embedded fully into your organization. Your permanent employees will get the values and motivations from the contracted team. Your staff will get access to better knowledge expertise and learn how to work in a harmonious laboratory setting.


Outsourcing your laboratory services to a specialized contractor helps you achieve agile resourcing. Agile resourcing will, in turn, increase the laboratory productivity or scalability of your projects. With the presence of contracted specialists, you can redeploy your staff to focus on strategic priorities that will improve your laboratory efficiency and meet your market demands.

Reduced Risk

When you hire a contractor to carry out your laboratory needs, you eliminate the risks associated with the contractor’s employees. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we are fully responsible for the human resource management of our onsite specialists at your laboratory. We take care of their payroll, performance management, benefits, off-boarding, and on-boarding. In this arrangement, you eliminate the liability of direct employment. You also avoid co-employment risk by ensuring that outsourced tasks remain valid throughout the contract duration. For all outsourcing tasks of lab equipment in San Diego and its environs, contact Biotechnical Services Inc. for a risk-free contract of your laboratory service needs.

Control, Compliance, Governance

When you outsource your laboratory services to a specialized contractor, you will get complete oversight and reports on the processes in your lab. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we follow stringent regulations and fully control all the functions under contract. We ensure that your laboratory is compliant with various laws and regulations. As an accredited and certified contractor, we provide proper control and governance of your laboratory services to ensure that you stay within the required laboratory regulations. If you want services relating to lab equipment in San Diego, hire us at Biotechnical Services Inc. to make your laboratory services remain compliant.

Flexibility and Scalability

Outsourcing your laboratory services helps you determine problems and pain points in your organization. Your contracted company will provide you with tailored solutions combining their outsourcing activities and the best elements of your in—house operations to help you achieve your long-term goals. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we work closely with our clients to ensure that they achieve their goals within the shortest time possible.


If you hire staff for your laboratory service needs, you might have headcount constraints. However, if you outsource your services, you will eliminate this problem. Most contractors work on an operating expenses basis, eliminating the problem of hiring staff on a full-time equivalent. Using this arrangement will save more on your running capital and variable costs.


Some laboratory services are very complex and straining. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we are ready to take on such tasks on your behalf. We have a talented team of scientists specializing in various fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical, food service, and manufacturing. We embed the required skillset into your organization when you hire us to provide premier results. Our company is accredited to carry out laboratory services according to standard operating procedures. When you outsource your laboratory services to us, we ensure complete visibility and control of our operations for improved project delivery. Contact us at Biotechnical Services Inc. for world-class, timely, and accurate results for your services needs relating to lab equipment in San Diego and its environs.