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Meter Calibration Services in San Francisco

Meter Calibration in San Francisco

Biotechnical Services Inc. (BTS) offers lab calibration services and lab equipment repair in California while being a leading provider of meter calibration services in San Francisco. They also operate from San Diego, Los Angeles, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Being in the industry for more than 31 years, they also provide asset management and second-hand lab equipment sales.

Certified Meter Calibration

Meters are ubiquitous pieces of lab equipment that are used in various fields of study. Flow meters measure the flow of water and air, so they are used to detect harmful pollutants or gasses. They also measure toxic chemicals in laboratory settings, which further assists environmental efforts or health and safety protocols. 

Biotechnical Services Inc. promotes innovation and experience as key factors in our mission statement. Our scientists are encouraged to develop skills that will enhance their established knowledge. We also value excellence, which is why we are certified by the American Global Standards, LLC (AGS) and accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). Our engineers also have 20 years of experience between them, making us some of the best in the business to satisfy your meter calibration needs.

The availability of this service in San Francisco benefit businesses based there as the variety of services are more accessible, and you can easily calibrate a meter or any other laboratory equipment you may use. 

Types of Meters We Calibrate

Biotechnical Services Inc. deliver expertise in a variety of calibration and repair services. We offer calibration on a variety of meters, with our dedicated teams of scientists and engineers repairing your equipment accurately and effectively.

The types of meters we calibrate are:

  • PH Meters
  • Barometers
  • Sound Meters 
  • Air Meters
  • Multimeters

We will expand on these more below.

PH Meter Calibration

A pH meter is an electric device used to measure hydrogen-ion activity in solutions or the acidity and alkalinity of a solution. A pH meter is used in food processors to ensure that the acidity is correct so that no foodborne pathogens have the potential to grow. It can also be used in agriculture, swimming pools, clinical applications and even in alcohol production. 

A pH meter needs to be calibrated on a regular basis in order to maintain functionality and accuracy. Biotechnical Services Inc. follows strict pre-determined steps so that your equipment is calibrated thoroughly and reaches its full range of operation. We also ensure that we meet official and regulatory standards throughout your calibration process. 

Barometer Calibration

When you ignore the need for your scales to be calibrated, or don’t calibrate your scales at all, you leave your business open to various problems. Non-calibrated scales will give you inaccurate results, which can lead to more significant problems such as product recalls, issues and problems with certifications, audits and an overall loss in quality of the product or service.

Sound Meter Calibration

A sound level meter is used to measure acoustics and is usually a handheld device with a microphone attached to it. It can measure the intensity of sound and music. So it can be used to lessen noise pollution, or in industrial plants and in construction. 

Biotechnical Services Inc. is fully licensed to carry out your sound meter calibration needs, with the relevant certifications and accreditations to do so. It is vital that your meters be calibrated regularly, which is why we have a streamlined process with extensive steps to carry out your calibration safely, efficiently and effectively.

Air Meter Calibration

An air flow meter measures air flow or the velocity of air. It is an instrument mostly used to estimate the electricity needed to operate fan motors or to calculate heat loss in ventilation.

Biotechnical Services Inc. follows official and regulatory standards throughout your air meter calibration process. Your air meter should be calibrated on a regular basis in order to maintain its level of accuracy and efficiency. We define pre-calibration points so that your equipment is calibrated correctly and further substantiates your equipment reaching its full range of operation.

Multimeter Calibration

A multimeter is an instrument that measures electric current, voltage, and resistance over several ranges of value. It can be used to measure a car’s battery voltage, the voltage of a wall socket or for checking the continuity of a basic circuit. 

A multimeter should regularly be calibrated so that it takes accurate readings and works in industrial or scientific settings. Biotechnical Services Inc. has a set of pre-determined steps to ensure that your equipment is calibrated thoroughly to reach its normal range of operation. Regulatory standards are also followed throughout your calibration process. 

How Often Should You Calibrate Your Equipment?

The frequency of meter calibration depends on a variety of factors. If you tend to use the equipment more frequently, it is recommended that you calibrate it quarterly or even monthly. But if you tend to use the equipment less frequently, a yearly calibration is recommended. You might also want to calibrate your equipment more often if you require hyper-specific readings or if the result depends heavily on accuracy. 

Here are a few more general guidelines for when you should you calibrate your equipment:

  • At manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Before or after prolonged usage or a major project
  • If equipment is old
  • If there has been a fault in the equipment itself 

You could also develop a calibration schedule, so that you can keep track of what equipment needs to be calibrated when, and it serves as a helpful reminder for when your next calibration service is due. This assists with your equipment upkeep and prevents inaccuracies or safety issues down the line. For equipment upkeep, you also need to monitor it for any degredation after use, avoid using the equipment more than it needs to be used, and adequately train your employees on how to use the equipment safely and correctly.  

Meter Calibration Cost in San Francisco

The cost of calibrating a meter depends on the type of meter you are wanting to calibrate, as well as factors such as how old the equipment is, if it has recently been damaged, or if it hasn’t been calibarted in a while. Meter calibration costs can range from anything between $100 to $500. This is why you should regularly calibrate your equipment, so as not to incur any additional and unnecessary costs. 

Get in touch with us for a further cost evaluation.

San Francisco Lab Equipment Specialists

Biotechnical Services Inc. is unlike their competitors in the industry. We are the go-to place for many aspects of laboratory equipment not only because of our years of experience, but because of how much emphasis we place on quality, standard and our devotion to customer support and service. BTS offers repair, validation, and sale alongside calibration.

Feel free to explore other calibration services offered by Biotechnical Services Inc. A few examples of the calibration services we offer are:

Meter Calibration Service Customized to Your Needs

Biotechnical Services Inc. provides a variety of calibration services that can be modified to your individual preferences or needs. We care about our customers and only want to offer them the best service possible, whether that be calibration, repair or second-hand resale. 


Equipment can be mailed to a specified address if you prefer. We make sure to pack any delicate equipment extremely carefully, and so that it arrives to you safely. 



Each one of our branches have dedicated pickup points, that allow you to order online and collect the order yourself instead of having it delivered. 



We provide efficient delivery services for your convenience. All Orders are processed for shipping Monday through Friday 9:00 – 5:00 PM Pacific Time. We aim to have orders delivered within 24 hours if your specified item is in stock.



An array of labaratory equipment can be bought at any of our on-site premises. This allows you to view and pick the item that best suits your needs. 


Final Thoughts

Biotechnical Services Inc. provides a number of excellent services including meter calibration in San Francisco. We offer everything from calibration of a variety of equipment to repair and validation. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we we provide efficient and excellent service while following industry standards and regulatory protocol. We are a sought after option for your business needs. Contact us for your next meter calibration service.