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Best Torque Wrench Calibration in Los Angeles

Contact us at Biotechnical Services, Inc. for the best torque wrench calibration in Los Angeles for effective, reliable, and accurate torque readings of your mechanical operations. When your torque wrench is correctly calibrated, you will be able to apply the right net force in your bolts and nuts. It is best to take your torque wrench to an expert for proper calibration. At Biotechnical Services, Inc., you can trust us for comprehensive torque wrench calibration services in Los Angeles. Here are the processes our technical specialists employ to keep your torque wrench accurate and reliable:

Testing the Calibration of Your Torque Wrench

Using a tape, measure from the handle to the square drive of your torque wrench. The square drive is normally attached to the socket. Mark the measured point and record it on a piece of paper. Most torque wrenches have a common length of twenty-four inches. After recording your measurement, secure the torque wrench square drive in a bench vice. Ensure your torque wrench is tightly fixed on the bench vice and the handle is extended away from the bench. Using an equation, calculate the setting of your weight. The general equation is calculated by multiplying the handle distance and the weight and diving it by twelve. A weight of 20 pounds is mostly used. Test your torque wrench by handing a weight on the handle. If your torque wrench is accurate, it should click when you hang a weight on its handle; if not, correct your torque wrench.

Correcting Your Torque Wrench Calibrations

When your torque wrench is inaccurate, you need to adjust it using the weight. Adjust the spring tension using a screw located in the torque wrench handle. Correct the calibration by tightening the screw until the torque wrench clicks. When you hear a click, move your weight further up the handle’s neck until there is no click. Once there is no clicking sound, lower your weight to the handle. Move your weight repeatedly until you find the point of transition where the torque wrench clicks and where it does not. Mark the exact transition point with a pen. You may need to repeat the procedure more times to establish the exact point. The exact point where the torque wrench clicks or stops clicking is the transition point. After establishing the transition point, measure the distance from the point of transition to the square drive using a measuring tape and record it on paper. Calculate the applied torque using the general equation but use the transition distance this time. Divide the initial calculation with the transition point measurement to find the torque number. Multiply the intended torque by the difference to correct the settings of your torque wrench. At Biotechnical Services, Inc., we ensure that you apply the correct net force in your mechanical operations by providing you with the best torque wrench calibration in Los Angeles.

Maintaining the New Calibration

After using your torque wrench, ensure that you return the scale to zero. Strain can affect the spring and interfere with the calibration if you fail to reset. Adjusting the scale will prolong your calibration intervals. When using your torque wrench, ensure that you maintain a tight grip to avoid dropping. When your torque wrench drops on a hard surface, it affects its accuracy and calibration. Since a torque wrench looks like a breaker bar, you might be tempted to interchange the functions. Only use your torque wrench for its appropriate functions and specifications. Using it for other tasks such as hammering will affect the calibration. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your torque wrench, ensure that you work within its lower and upper limits. Exceeding the limits can affect its calibration or even damage it. Most toque wrenches have their tolerance limit indicated. After using a torque wrench, ensure that you store it safely to avoid temperature changes and impacts. When storing your torque wrench, place it in a low area to avoid a big impact if it falls. The storage area should be climate controlled to avoid humidity and big temperature deviation that might affect the calibration. At Biotechnical Services, Inc., we prioritize the accuracy of your equipment. We are dedicated to providing you with timely and premier torque wrench calibration in Los Angeles.