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Thermometer Calibrations in California

Biotechnical Services Inc. is an accredited and certified company offering thermometer calibrations in California. With decades of experience, we ensure calibration meets California rules and regulations, so you don’t have to pay hefty penalties.

Why choose Biotechnical Services

Choosing Biotechnical services for accredited calibration comes with many benefits, including:


Biotechnical Services is an ISO 17025 A2LA accredited and ISO 9001:2015 AMC certified calibration laboratory. We offer professional services in California, Utah, Nevada, Los Angeles, and other areas. You can, therefore, rest assured your thermometers will meet all legal requirements. 

Complete solutions

We offer holistic thermometer calibration services in California for different industries. We got you sorted whether you need liquid-in-glass or IR (infrared) calibration. We ensure to provide customized services to meet your desired outcome. 

Top-notch technology

To avoid unnecessary testing errors, Biotechnical Services uses modern calibration equipment. It also speeds up the calibration process, mitigating prolonged downtimes. If you want to improve efficiency and accuracy, consult us for temperature calibration services. 


Thanks to our pool of well-trained experts, we offer the best thermometer calibrations in California. Our team undergoes regular, thorough training, ensuring they stay abreast of the industry trends. Besides, we hire talent from some of the best institutions in California and around the country. 

Amazing customer service

At Biotechnical Services, we sell you stellar calibration services and experience. We ensure you feel comfortable throughout the process by listening to your needs and developing the best approach. What’s more, we offer after-sales services so we can see we’ve met your expectations. 

Pickup and delivery

To avoid interrupting the running of your company, we offer free pickup and delivery to clients around California. Our fast delivery services ensure you get your equipment on time. 

Biotechnical thermometer calibration services

We offer a wide range of lab thermometer calibration services, among them:

Infrared thermometer calibration

The infrared (IR) thermometer is a fun gadget to use. It allows you to measure a subject’s temperature from a distance. It is subject to misuse, affecting its accuracy. It is for this reason you need to calibrate it regularly.

Biotechnical Services calibrates infrared thermometers using various instruments like thermal radiation sources and transfer standard to ensure accurate calibration. We will provide precise calibration whether you use Raytek or Fluke infrared thermometers. 

Liquid-in-glass thermometer calibration

The liquid-in-glass thermometer is no doubt the most common temperature measurement device. You can easily measure between -200 and 600 degrees Celsius with it, making it ideal for metrology, medicine, and industrial applications. And for accurate results, it needs regular calibration.

Our approaches are compatible with thermometer calibration standards, ensuring your device complies with industry regulations. Our experts perform fast but ISO 9001-compliant calibration regardless of the thermometer manufacturer. 

Platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) calibration

A platinum resistance thermometer is one of the most accurate temperature measurement devices. It uses platinum, allowing it to measure temperatures between 200 and 1200 degrees. It is thanks to platinum’s property of increasing linearly with temperature. And to ensure consistent results, you need regular temperature calibration services. 

Biotechnical Services uses the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) standards to calibrate PRT. However, we can also conduct customized calibration according to your requirements. We also ensure to perform our calibration in a controlled environment to mitigate inaccurate results.

Digital thermometer calibration

We also calibrate a wide range of digital thermometers. They are common in most labs, factories, and other facilities in California. Unfortunately, most lab technicians do pay close attention to their calibration. 

However, to ensure accuracy, they need periodic traceable calibration. We offer ISO 9001-compliant thermometer calibrations in California, ensuring production process safety and efficiency.

Other services include:

  • Temperature meter calibration
  • Resistance temperature detector (RTD) calibration
  • Thermos-hygrometers calibration 
  • Temperature controller calibration
  • Thermocouples calibration

Benefits of thermometer calibration

Reduced errors

Lab thermometer calibration follows stringent standards, ensuring accurate results. A minute inaccuracy can lead to hefty fines or product recalls. To avoid such scenarios, constant calibration is necessary. It enables precise temperature readings, which can result in consistent product manufacturing. 


While some labs and companies in California will result in calibrating their thermometers, their approach may be below industry standards. As you’d expect, it can lead to the production of sub-standard products due to inaccurate calibration.

Working with an accredited calibration company can help bolster the products’ quality. It is because independent accreditation bodies have vetted a company like Biotechnical Services. As such, you can rest assured you are getting industry-standard services.

Quality control

Generally, companies that provide temperature calibration services ought to undergo intensive training. It ensures they can develop a robust quality management system, enabling them to adhere to California rules and regulations. 

This extensive training ensures you get top-notch precision improving your lab’s productivity. 

Easy calibration tracking

Unlike in-house calibration, sourcing lab thermometer calibration from a third party can help you track the calibration schedule. As a result, it’ll be easier for you to comply with relevant calibration audits. Besides, you are better positioned to conduct random calibrations before the due day. 


Regardless of your industry, calibration can be expensive, especially if you do it in-house. Doing it independently will require additional validation from several bodies, increasing the overall cost.

You can consult a third-party company such as Biotechnical Services to mitigate this. Accredited companies meet all requirements, meaning they’ll charge a relatively lower fee. 


Do thermometers need to be recalibrated?

Yes, like other lab equipment, thermometers need regular calibration. It is to ensure accurate temperature readings. Some scenarios that warrant recalibration include dropping the thermometer and long storage time.

How do you fix calibration on a thermometer?

There are different ways to calibrate a thermometer, among them the ice-point method. All you need to do is fill a jar with crushed ice and add water until full. Stir the mixture and put the thermometer probe into the water. Wait for 30 seconds until you get a steady reading. You’ll then use the calibration nut to adjust the reading to zero degrees. 

What is calibration of temperature?

It is calibrating a thermometer in a stable and controlled environment. It involves devices such as platinum resistance thermometers and thermistors, among others. 

What temperature should a calibration lab be?

Ideally, a calibration lab should be 68 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius. It is according to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards

Thermometer calibration is no doubt crucial to the success of any lab. And it is for this reason you need calibration from a certified service provider. Contact us via our phone or social platforms if you want credible thermometer calibrations in California.