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Scale Calibration Services in San Francisco

Scale calibration in San Francisco can be overwhelming with the number of providers in the area; however, we’re here to tell you why Biotechnical Services (BTS) is the best choice. Our team has been in the industry for 31 years, servicing a variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals, academic labs, aerospace, and so much more. So, if you’re considering having your scales calibrated in the San Francisco area, get in touch with us to see how our highly experienced team can best help you.

Quality Scale Calibration Services in San Francisco

Regardless of industry, scales are a key piece of equipment that ensures correct measurements to provide you and your lab with accurate results. Listed below are the more common specialties and industries that use scales daily. 

  • The food industry needs scales to ensure that recipes and measurements are followed, particularly when dealing with food on a larger scale 
  • Pharmaceutical companies use scales daily. This is imperative for their industry to ensure correct results and quantities. 
  • The biotech industry can’t survive without scales and needs them to ensure that the processes they create are streamlined and effective. 

When making the conscious choice to choose BTS over another competitor, you’re choosing a high-quality and dedicated team. Our CEO, Phil Parker, has demonstrated a credible history of working in the biotechnology industry and showcases Good Laboratory Practices in all of his works, something he has passed on to the entire team at BTS.

With 31 years of experience, and the consistent customers we’ve worked with, we’ve displayed the experience level and service to guarantee you with best scale calibration service in the San Francisco area. If you’re interested in our history, click on learn more button. 

Why Your Scales Require Calibration

Regardless of the industry you are in, your scales will need calibration. It’s an unavoidable part of working with scales. Due to constant use over time, in addition to continuous movement and natural wear and tear, scales need to be recalibrated. At some point, even those labs with the best practices will all require scale calibration.

How Often Should You Calibrate Your Scales?

Here at BTS, we recommend that our customers create a calibration schedule that works for them. This schedule will be influenced by factors such as how often your scales are used each day or week. Other factors also affect this, such as storage conditions and the needs of your particular business. For example, if you’re using scales every day, we recommend calibrating them more frequently than if you use them once or twice a week.

What Happens if Your Scales Are Not Calibrated?

When you ignore the need for your scales to be calibrated, or don’t calibrate your scales at all, you leave your business open to various problems. Non-calibrated scales will give you inaccurate results, which can lead to more significant problems such as product recalls, issues and problems with certifications, audits and an overall loss in quality of the product or service.

Benefits of Properly Calibrated Scales

In contrast, adequately calibrated scales’ benefits are significant. You can ensure a high-quality product when you have regularly calibrated scales. Additionally, you can save on costs that come from mistakes, avoid downtime and ensure compliance respective to your industry.

How Are Scales Calibrated?

Scales are calibrated through the use of test weights. At BTS, our calibration processes include ISO 17025 A2LA Accreditation and ISO 9001:2015 AMS Certification. These certifications ensure the best work for our customers and instill confidence in our customers with our knowledge and skills.

Although there are a variety of other methods of scale calibration, each can be broken down into the categories of external or internal calibration. These are listed below.

External Calibration

When you choose us as your selected service provider for scale calibration, you have confidence in choosing a service that our team is dedicated to the sole task of scale calibration. 

Internal Calibration

Internal calibration may seem more straightforward from the outset but can lead to problems, such as drift. Drift refers to the slow changes that occur in response to a gauge. When you attempt to undertake internal calibration, you’ll also come to the need for performance checks and stumble into measurement uncertainty.

Biotechnical Services Inc. Scale Calibration Procedure

Through test weight scale calibration, BTS can ensure rigorous testing to gain and achieve accurate scale calibration. Due to all of our customers having a variety of needs, we also complete tests such as the following when needed, 

  • Eccentricity test
  • Repeatability test
  • Weighing test
  • Minimum weight test

A Note On Scale Calibration Tolerance

When scale calibration is completed, there is a tolerance around the weight reading on your scale. This refers to how much the results can differ while remaining optimal results.

Legal tolerances refer to trade scales that have specific regulations around regulations to do with manufacturing. Manufacturer tolerance refers to how much leeway the manufacturer has recommended. In addition, process tolerances are the slight amount of wiggle room allowed by the calibration process. All of these are imperative to know and understand when calibrating scales.

Legal-for-Trade Scale Calibration

Legal-for-trade scale calibration is for those selling commercial products based on weight. It’s required by law that scales are used for ‘legal-for-trade’. Legal trade scales are still required to be calibrated, and those that choose not to will reduce the price that they can be sold for and additionally be less trustworthy overall.

Scale Calibration Cost

The cost of scale calibration with BTS will vary with each scale. Due to the varying costs of scale calibration, it’s recommended that you get in touch with our team for an evaluation to achieve a more accurate cost analysis.

San Francisco Lab Equipment Specialists

Unlike other scale calibration services, BTS provides a complete lab solution. When serving you, we understand there is much more to a lab than scale calibration. We also offer Lab Equipment Repair, Lab Equipment Validation. These services should be used in conjunction with Scale Calibration in San Francisco.

Scale Calibration Service Customized to Your Needs

At BTS, we’ve worked with various customers, each with their own needs. As a result, we modify our services to suit each need. We’ve outlined below how our services can be accessed by those all throughout the San Francisco area.


Mail in your scales to us to be calibrated. 


All of our branches have a dedicated pickup point. You can order online and collect the order yourself.


This service has been specifically created for your convenience. When orders are placed between Monday and Friday between 9:00-5:00 pm Pacific time, we aim to deliver orders within 24 hours.


We offer a wide variety of lab equipment that can be purchased at our on-site location.

At BTS, we exude professionalism and ensure you’ll receive the results you’re after. Get in touch with our team today for scale calibration services in San Francisco.