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Equipment Calibration Services in California

Biotechnical Services offers sought after calibration services in California. They do everything from equipment calibration to asset management and labaratory equipment repair to validation. With over 31 years of success, they uphold excellent quality and innovation in everything they do. They also operate out of San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles in California as well as Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

Your First Choice for Equipment Calibration

Biotechnical Services Inc. (BTS) has been an industry leader since its inception in 1989. Our commitment to consistent quality and excellent service has never wavered. We have been certified by American Global Standards, LLC (AGS) and accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

BTS also believes in the power of innovation, by empowering scientists to develop new methods and cures. When it comes to equipment calibration, we advocate for the notion that experience is key. Our teams of engineers have an average of 20 years experience, making them the most qualified and dedicated to perform your calibration service.

California-Wide Lab Equipment Calibration Services

Biotechnical Services Inc. services all of California and beyond. The areas in and around California that we service are:

Why is Equipment Calibration Necessary?

Calibration is an integral part of equipment operation and upkeep. If not properly maintained on a regular basis, machinery can produce inaccurate results, which can lead to problems in the finished product. Outsourcing these services by a third party ensures that your machinery is always safely calibrated. If you are unsure whether their equipment needs to be calibrated, you can contact BTS to determine your needs.

Our Instrument Calibration Services in California

Biotechnical Services Inc. (BTS) offers a variety of calibration services that include but are not limited to:

  • Torque Wrench Calibration
  • Scale Calibration
  • Thermometer Calibration
  • Pipette Calibration
  • PH Meter Calibration

Let’s have a closer look at these examples below.

Torque Wrench Calibration

A calibrated torque wrench allows for the correct amount of tension when tightening a fastener, as well as prevents connection failures. This ensures that the right force is applied to tighten bolts or nuts, and is vital to strengthen your equipment for daily usage.

Biotechnical Services Inc. implement comprehensive procedures to determine your calibration steps and the progress that we will take. By defining pre-calibration points, we ensure that your equipment is calibrated correctly and further substantiates your equipment’s full range of operation.

Scale Calibration

Scale calibration is to ensure that your weighing equipment is accurate and measures correctly. For processing and manufacturing businesses, incorrect measurements can cause issues in product quality, batches to be scrapped and in some cases product recall.

Biotechnical Services Inc. in California ensures that official standards are correctly met. We ensure that your calibration process is correctly followed, so that your scale and balances are well-maintained and accurate.

Thermometer Calibration

A thermometer can be affected when being exposed to extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures. It is also affected if dropped, and can lead to inaccurate readings and even the safety of food if used in commercial kitchens.

Digital thermometers usually have reset buttons that allow you to adjust your temperature reading. But to ensure accurate readings, you should calibrate your thermometers on a regular basis. Biotechnical Services Inc. uses the ice-water or freezing method if your thermometer is mostly used for cold temperatures, and the boiling-water method if it is mostly used for hot temperatures. Our calibration services in California are the best option for these calibration needs.

Pipette Calibration

A gravimetric method is used when calibrating a pipette. Measurements and the accuracy of a pipette measurement can be affected by a combination of ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. If any of these are incorrectly aligned, your measurements will be compromised.

Biotechnical Services Inc. outlines pre-calibration points so that your calibration process is conducted efficiently and effectively. This will ensure that your equipment reaches its full range of operation.

PH Meter Calibration

A pH meter calibration adjusts your pH meter by measuring solutions of a known pH value. A calibration, therefore, matches your pH meter to the current features of your pH sensor. When attaching electrodes to your meter, accuracy is needed to obtain a correct reading. This is why calibration is a vital step before using equipment for the first time or if it has been used for an extended period of time.

We perform single point, two point and multi-point calibration on your pH meter to ensure that your equipment is returned to its desired state. By setting out pre-calibration points, Biotechnical Services Inc. assures that we take the relevant steps to determine your entire calibration process from start to finish.

Lab Equipment Calibrations Trusted By Many

We have provided equipment calibration services in California to a number of distinguished organizations including:

  • Abcore
  • Beckman Coulter
  • Jeio Tech
  • Millipore

Here are what a few of our customers have to say about our services:

“​BTS provided a great service for our cryostat. They took the time to find the problem and fix it. They kept in touch with us for several days after the service. 100% recommended.” – Mariana Morales Valencia

“I have had the pleasure of working with Phil Parker and Associates from Biotechnical Services Inc. for over ​15 years. They are and have been a great service for our companies needs.” – Millipore

Equipment Calibration Service That Works For You

Biotechnical Services Inc. (BTS) caters to all your calibration service requirements, with a variety of services that are modified to your individual needs.  


Biotechnical Services Inc. (BTS) caters to all your calibration service requirements, with a variety of services that are modified to your individual needs.  


Each one of our branches have dedicated pickup points, that allow you to order online and collect the order yourself instead of having it delivered.


We provide efficient delivery services for your convenience. All Orders are processed for shipping Monday through Friday 9:00 – 5:00 PM Pacific Time. We aim to have orders delivered within 24 hours if your specified item is in stock.


An array of labaratory equipment can be bought at any of our on-site premises. This allows you to view and pick the item that best suits your needs.


Feel free to contact Biotechnical Services Inc. if you ever need calibration services in California. From laboratory equipment calibration and repair to asset management, we are one of the best in the business, with the teams and experience to do the job for you. With over three decades in our industry, quality and excellence always come first.