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Scale Calibration in California

When getting your scales calibrated in California, it’s important to know all of the ins and outs before starting the process. Scale calibration is imperative for so many reasons. Here at Biotechnical Services (BTS), we work with you to assist you and provide you with calibrated lab equipment and scales.

Having 31+ years in the industry, we have had experience with a variety of products and worked with a multitude of industries to provide our high-quality service.

What Is Scale Calibration?

Scale calibration is the process of checking the accuracy of the scales, ensuring that the weight displayed is accurate and correct. Scale calibration is important in every industry, such as calibration in a lab setting or for the food industry. All industries we service use the service of scale calibration and understand its importance.

What Kinds Of Scales Need To Be Calibrated And What Are The Benefits?

All types of scales need to be calibrated regularly to ensure accurate results. Depending on what industry you’re in, the scales in your lab or office are most likely used daily or at least weekly. Scales such as doctors’ scales will need to be calibrated often as they’re used more often. In addition to this, here at BTS, we understand that lab equipment also needs to calibrate regularly, so along with scales, we calibrate all kinds of lab equipment

While it may seem like an investment to have your scales regularly calibrated, the benefits of having the process done are countless. We’ve listed below just some of the benefits of having your scales calibrated.


This is the number one benefit to having your scales calibrated and the most common need as to why our customers use our services. Having accurate scales means you can complete the job knowing the results are what they say they are.

Equipment Care

With calibration comes care of your equipment. Ensuring proper care of your equipment increases longevity and also provides you with the peace of mind that any minor fractures or breaks will be picked up by our team. Having your scales regularly calibrated is a great way to fix equipment before it breaks. When using measuring equipment so often, small brakes are often overlooked or not even noticed. Ensuring that your scales are calibrated regularly is a great way to fix equipment before it breaks, saving money in the long run.

Save Time And Money

No matter what industry you’re in, being able to save time and money is a bonus. With inaccurate scales, you’re provided with inaccurate results, which leads to needing to repeat measuring and having to complete tasks, taking up your time and potentially costing money.

Industry Compliance

Industry compliance and standards will be dependent on the industry you are in. However, ensuring that you are compliant with your respective industry standards is critical. Once our service of scale calibration is completed, we provide you with all the necessary paperwork, so you have proof of what was calibrated and when it was completed. Although scale and lab equipment calibration is an investment, it will prove its worth by avoiding unnecessary costs in the long run.

What Happens If I Don’t Calibrate My Scales?

You don’t have to break the bank to haaIf you’re thinking about not calibrating your scales it can lead to more trouble than one might think. We’ve listed below just some of the consequences of not calibrating your your pipettes calibrated. And at Biotechnical Services Inc., we understand this. We, therefore, strive to accommodate clients with different budgets. If you want to know more about our pricing, you can contact us via our phone or social media platforms.

Inaccurate Results

Discovering that you have inaccurate results is more than frustrating. Not only does this mean you need to complete the task again, but you also have wasted products, time and money. Having your scales calibrated regularly is a great way to keep on top of accurate results. If you leave your scales to be calibrated at a later date or continue to put them off, it’s hard to know which results are accurate and that is incorrect.

Inaccurate results are also misleading, specifically for those within a laboratory environment. Having misleading results is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. When working in a lab, everything needs to be accurate, so calibrated scales are imperative.

Inefficient Work Environment

Being efficient in a work environment is a great way to ensure you have proper use of your time and those around you. It’s important to understand that scales play an integral part in this. If your equipment isn’t working as it should be, it makes it nearly impossible to work efficiently within your work environment.

Where Can I Have My Scales Calibrated?

BTS has several locations across the USA. If you need to have your scales calibrated, we have facilities in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

Along with having your scales calibrated, BTS also offers the service of weight calibration in Los Angeles. Weight calibration is a crucial step when calibrating your in-house calibration equipment. Like scales, weights can get damaged over time, so it’s imperative to keep on top of calibration to ensure accuracy.

How Often Should I Have My Scales Calibrated?

This is a great question and one we get all the time. This depends on how often you use your scales and what they’re used for. An example of this is if you only use your scales every few months, they’ll have a lesser need to be calibrated as opposed to scales that are used daily. Keeping track of when your scales were last calibrated is imperative, using a spreadsheet or document is a great way to know when your scales are due for their next calibration.

If you’re ever unsure about how often you should have your scales calibrated, chat with one of our friendly team members to discuss specifics.

Final Thoughts

Biotechinal Services, Inc. is locally owned and operated in San Diego. We have 31+ years of experience with lab equipment calibration and so much more. If you’re in need of scale calibration or any other lab equipment services, get in touch with our friendly team to discover how we can help today.