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Best Used Lab Equipment in California

Biotechnical Services Inc. (BTS) provides a number of services and is a leading provider of used lab equipment in California and its surrounds. Operating out of San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, they have over 31 years of experience in the industry. The sought-after services they provide include asset management as well as equipment calibration and validation.

One-Stop-Shop For Your Lab Equipment Needs

Biotechnical Services is uniquely qualified to sell and advise on used lab equipment due to decades of industry experience. We follow the relevant legal and regulatory standards to operate effectively. We are certified by the American Global Standards, LLC (AGS) and accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). 

Innovation and experience are highly integral features of our mission statement here at Biotechnical Services. We advocate for scientists to constantly develop new skills and methodology for the greater good. Our engineers are also highly qualified and have an average of 20 years of experience between them. This is why we are the best choice for your next quality equipment purchase. 

Aside from selling used lab equipment in California, we also provide:

  • Laboratory Equipment Repair
  • Laboratory Equipment Calibration 
  • Laboratory Equipment Validation 
  • Asset Management
  • Lab Equipment Depot Repair

Quality Lab Equipment in California

We sell a wide range of used lab equipment in California along with our equipment calibration and repair services. It makes far more sense to purchase a used piece of equipment for a much more reasonable price than something brand new that still might need to be calibrated in the first place. Due to our industry experience, our used equipment is still in excellent condition and can be used with ease. The secondhand equipment we sell is:
  • Used Biotech Lab Equipment
  • Used Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment
  • Used Academic Lab Equipment

We will outline these in more detail as well as why you should purchase new equipment from a trusted source and what our process entails. 

Used Biotech Lab Equipment

It is vital to purchase laboratory equipment from a trusted supplier, especially when testing out complicated experiments and for accurate readings in your measurements. Each piece of used equipment that we sell is suited to a controlled laboratory environment and is just as effective as if it were new.

Biotechnical Services provides everything from beakers, pipettes and torque wrenches to scales and thermometers. Each piece of equipment is carefully checked and calibrated before it is placed on our shelves for you to purchase.

Used Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment

Biotechnical Services sells a range of pharmaceutical lab equipment that can be used in hospitals, clinics, consultation rooms and even in medical school settings. This includes blood analyzers, electrochemical instruments and cell counters.

Buying used pharmaceutical lab equipment from a trusted supplier is vital for such an important setting such as a hospital. Biotechnical Services has years of experience as an industry leader, so the equipment they provide is some of the best and most reliable in the business. This will ensure that operations run smoothly and accurately. 

Used Academic Lab Equipment

Used lab equipment such as Bunsen burners, beakers, volumetric flasks and test tubes can be used for educational purposes and for performing experiments in classrooms. Biotechnical Services offers a wide range of used academic lab equipment that can be used to full capacity in your next classroom setting. 

Purchasing used lab equipment from a trusted supplier ensures accuracy and means that your equipment will last for a longer time than it would if bought from a less trusted source. This will allow for an educational institution to focus their budget on other avenues and have properly functioning equipment with little to no hassle. 

Benefits of Buying Used Lab Equipment

There are a number of benefits when it comes to purchasing used lab equipment instead of new equipment, one of which is that it is much cheaper and still works as effectively as if it were brand new. Buying used lab equipment also offers a better Return on Investment (ROI) in the long run and in a way is much more eco-friendly. 

Cheaper Cost

The cost of buying used lab equipment is much cheaper than the cost of buying new equipment. This is perhaps the greatest benefit as it allows you to save on costs that might be used elsewhere and still affords you the benefit of using a high-quality piece of equipment. 

Better ROI

The Return on Investment (ROI) of purchasing used lab equipment is a major factor in why it should be your next purchasing decision. It reduces your overall costs as the value of new equipment depreciates very quickly and can reduce your ROI when it is time to resell it. 


Buying used lab equipment is eco-friendly and environmentally innovative as you are making use of equipment that would be destroyed or discarded if not purchased anyways. You are also reducing the use of raw materials that would be used to manufacture new equipment.

Biotechnical Services Inc. Quality Guarantee

Before “hitting the shelves” of a Biotechnical Services store, each piece of equipment needs to go through an evaluation process before it is deemed suitable for resale. It also ensures that the used lab equipment meets the parameters and specifications set out by the manufacturer.

To ensure that the equipment meets the correct standard, we complete a full calibration and repair before the equipment is deemed worthy for sale. We undertake comprehensive procedures and define pre-calibration steps to ensure that your lab equipment is well-calibrated and that it meets its full range of operation.

Our teams of engineers are highly skilled in calibration and take the necessary steps to ensure that the equipment is suitable for resale. The equipment is treated, checked and tested in order to meet its full capability. And every step in this process follows American Global Standards, LLC (AGS) and the relevant accreditations by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

Servicing and Calibration of Used Lab Equipment

Regular service and calibration of your lab equipment is a vital part of its daily operation and upkeep. If maintenance and repair of your laboratory equipment are left unchecked, it can produce inaccurate results and if used in a commercial sense, can affect production and large-scale readings.

Biotechnical Services Inc. offers extensive calibration services and ensures that your equipment is taken care of and calibrated correctly for your use. We offer Torque Wrench Calibration, Scale Calibration, and Thermometer Calibration just to name a few.

Used Lab Equipment Currently for Sale in California

The selection of used lab equipment that is available for resale depends on availability and is dependent on supply and demand. Although, the exact model and piece of equipment you are looking for might be on our site – and for half the price! Have a look through our website to see what is currently for sale. 

Final Thoughts

Buying used lab equipment in California is not only more cost-effective but can have a positive environmental impact and can boost your ROI long into the future. Biotechnical Services Inc. is an industry leader in used lab equipment resale as well as lab equipment calibration, validation and repair. We are a trusted outlet and with over three decades in the industry, we pride ourselves on excellent quality and standards for everyone.