Machines cannot be trusted blindly. Yes, they are efficient, effective, and reliable (most of the time). Still, at the end of the day, they are machines that can get damaged, become overloaded, or suffer technical failures and halt lab operations.

Laboratories, which perform crucial operations, and offer healthcare services, cannot afford downtime as it can significantly affect patients and the overall organizational operations.

Thus, you must employ the right laboratory equipment repair service in Los Angeles.

Is it easy? No. When you search for the repair service provider, you will find plenty of them. Still, the crucial matter is to identify one who can offer a timely, effective, and affordable repair service.

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Choosing the Right Laboratory Equipment Repair Service

So, here you are. There are two possibilities right now. First, it is your first time choosing a repair service. Second, you tried to choose one but were skeptical about whether it was right.

In both cases, this guide will help you choose the right service provider for laboratory equipment repair in Los Angeles that fits your needs.

Prior Experience

Prior experience is the most coveted factor when it comes to repairing service. There are costly instruments at the service provider’s disposal, and timely repair is crucial. Moreover, there are lives and crucial research dependent on equipment. Thus, a reliable and accurate job can be expected from someone with experience undertaking such jobs.

Sometimes, it is argued that “how new service providers will ever grow if they are not given a chance?” but you cannot risk your instruments. In addition, most businesses today are online, and previous customer reviews can say a lot about their service quality. So, make a sound decision after considering the other points discussed below, along with prior experience.

The Right Fit

Laboratories can also be classified based on their types, such as research labs, hospital labs, physics labs, etc. Thus, every laboratory houses different equipment based on its scope of work. Which type of laboratory do you own or work at?

It is a crucial question because your choice of repair service provider depends significantly on the answer. So, ask the service provider what services they offer. For example, do they only provide repair services or also offer calibration services?

The best advice is to hire a professional laboratory that offers all services in one place. Hiring a team that can offer regular inspection, maintenance, and repair services is beneficial in many ways. In addition, it results in less time wastage in searching for the right professionals for different functions.

Biotechnical Services Inc. is known for offering comprehensive services to laboratories from different industries. It offers everything under one roof, be it repair services, laboratory equipment calibration, or sales of laboratory equipment.

Affordable Pricing

The myth is that the more one charges, the better service one provides.

It is neither right nor wrong. Because there are many repair service providers out there that quote you less initially and then add additional costs to the invoice. Sometimes the costs are as high as 250% of the initial quote.

Then there are service providers who charge an ostentatious amount while offering the same services as a small service provider offers.

In both cases, you are duped. You must discuss the cost breakup with the repair service provider before signing the contract. Even if you receive a too-good-to-be-true quote, discuss it transparently with the service provider first.

Market Reputation

Quality work builds market reputation. In the business world, goodwill is crucial, and a repair service provider who offers quality service enjoys a good market reputation.

Before hiring a repair technician, ask for its reviews and quality of service. You can go to the laboratory website and learn so through customer reviews.

It is a general process, and with increased usage of inline services, you can find most businesses online and learn about their service quality and customer satisfaction level.


It is the first and foremost requirement for hiring a lab equipment repair service in Los Angeles. First, check whether the service provider has A2LA accreditation or not.

A2LA stands for American Association for Laboratory Accreditation which recognizes organizations to offer reliable and quality services.

Check the accreditation certificates of the service provider before signing up for a long-term contract.

Repair or Replacement?

When lab equipment gives away, the first question that must come to your mind is whether you should get it repaired or replaced. Will it offer reliable and accurate results after repair?

Having a professional team onboard comes in handy during such conflicting times. The professionals can have a look at the machine and give you an estimate of the repair costs and whether it is beneficial to repair or replace it.

The following points must be considered when facing such a dilemma.

  • The effects of repair on future measurements and research.
  • Possible future downtimes and repair costs
  • Total repair and maintenance costs over the period of the equipment
  • The cost of new equipment and its installation, calibration, repair, maintenance, etc.
  • Remaining shelf life of the existing equipment
  • Terminal cost of the equipment

How Biotechnical Services Inc. Can Help You?

Biotechnical Services Inc. is known for its quality repair services which it has been providing for 31 years. When you look at the above points and then consider the attributes of Biotechnical Services Inc., you will find that it fits all of the criteria, such as:

  • It has a team of qualified technicians who have offered their services to various industries, including healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • The company is an accredited service provider that offers all services under one roof, such as lab equipment, accessories, calibration, repair, etc.
  • Apart from profit-making, we offer services that ensure customer satisfaction through minimum delivery time, affordable costs, and a comprehensive range of products and services.
  • Our various offices across California, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona show our customers’ confidence in us, which speaks tons for our market reputation.

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