Every laboratory owner and staff are aware of the term calibration. As soon as an instrument or equipment is purchased, its calibration is certain because it is integral to keeping the instruments consistent.

While instrument calibration sounds vital, are you aware of its importance? Why does every instrument go through this elaborate process, and why do calibration laboratories advise you to calibrate your instruments religiously?

But instrument calibration is a non-disposable process which will be further elaborated in this guide.

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What Is Instrument Calibration?

A laboratory houses different types of equipment and instruments. All of these various instruments are used in one process or another. For example, they might be important for measuring pressures, temperatures, humidity, weights, mass, etc. While these readings are of utmost importance to the lab, what is the probability that the readings you scribbled on your pad are accurate? How do you ascertain that the instrument is performing accurately?

Another thought that might pop up in your mind is that a tiny difference won’t cause significant damage, but this thought must be banished.

If you work in a testing lab or a chemical lab, you must be well aware of the importance of the accuracy of quantities. Even a drop more can create havoc. Thus, the reliability and consistency of lab instruments for accurate results are ensured with instrument calibration.

Instruments calibration refers to the process of measuring the true value of the instruments against the standard values. For example, a 100-gram weight must weigh 100 grams, but its accuracy is compromised if it weighs only 95 grams. Therefore, standard weight is used to measure its accuracy, which weighs accurately and ensures the accuracy of the instruments under calibration.

In short, it is the process of recording any differences between actual readings against standard readings that are generally accepted.

Which Laboratory Instruments Require Calibration?

Every instrument that produces data for research or production requires calibration. The list includes:

  • Pipettes
  • Scales
  • Balances
  • pH meters
  • Pressure gauges
  • Centrifuges, etc.

Importance of Instrument Calibration for Accurate Results

Here are some reasons why instrument calibration is important and how the accuracy of results relies on regular calibration.

Proper Upkeep of Instruments

A laboratory houses hundreds of instruments, and it is a huge investment. So, naturally, some instruments are costlier than others. But some instruments, while being small, play a significant role in research. But if these instruments are not calibrated on time, they are worthless because an instrument is useful as long as it is accurate, which is ensured by instrument calibration.


While it is easy to argue that your instruments provide accurate results, reliability can only be assured by proof in calibration certificates. Instrument calibration ensures that the instruments have been calibrated and offer reliable measurements.

Quality Assurance

Different clients have different requirements, and they require quality assurance. Instrument calibration offers quantitative data and records proving that the laboratory adheres to the safety and other regulations to offer the quality needed.

Cost Saving

Instrument calibration sounds like an expense, but it is an investment. It is the upfront cost you pay to avoid legal actions and costly consequences resulting from defective products and results. It also saves your reputation and establishes you as a responsible laboratory. It also ensures long-term customer relationships.

Importance of a Professional Calibration Laboratory

Instrument calibration is not a joke. Today, many instruments come with an automatic calibration switch that calibrates instruments with a mere press of a button. But not all instruments can be automatically calibrated, and you need to employ a professional and experienced calibration laboratory onboard. Read the points below to learn the importance of hiring a calibration laboratory.

Proper Care of Instruments

The multitude of instruments requires customized care and calibration. These are your valuable investments, and you must only entrust the responsibility to the hands of a certified laboratory. They will look after your instruments properly and will help lengthen your instruments’ lives.

Accuracy Cannot Be Compromised

While you can choose a non-certified calibration lab, it must be understood that measurement accuracy cannot be compromised and should not be at any rate. With a non-certified lab, there is a greater possibility of inaccurate calibration, which risks future measurements.

A Wider Range for Instrument Calibration

Certified experienced like Biotechnical Services Inc. have a more comprehensive range of testing equipment for instrument calibration. Also, we offer calibration to different industries, which house various equipment and instruments.

Plus, if you hire a lab that can only calibrate a certain type of instrument, you must hire multiple laboratories. It is a waste of time and resources.

Economic Advantages

Hiring an accredited laboratory for instrument calibration in San Diego is more economical than a non-accredited and non-certified one. Many laboratories often offer you a lesser quote and, later, come up with hidden costs. It is not true that every laboratory that charges you more is trustworthy.

But you must also consider the repair costs in mind, which might be required in case of improper calibration.

Biotechnical Services for Instrument Calibration in San Diego

Biotechnical Services Inc. was formed to offer quality products and services to various industries requiring laboratory equipment, accessories, and calibration services.

Instrument calibration is one of the services we offer. We take pride in the fact that we are an accredited calibration laboratory that has been working for decades and has built a name around California, Arizona, and Nevada. Our area of work extends to multiple cities.

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