Moving your lab to San Francisco requires utmost care. Lab relocation is critical and delicate. It is good to have the highest levels of oversight. Properly moving your lab equipment ensures a smooth transition while guaranteeing the authenticity of your lab data and research.

If you want to maintain the functionality of your lab while moving, contact effective managers. Biotechnical Services, Inc. is an expert in planning, managing, and preparing lab equipment movement.

Challenges When Moving Your Lab

Many people fail in the oversight stage. Avoid making an unplanned transition to your lab. Without proper planning, you might lose your valuable data and research. You might incur a higher cost and have a lot of hassle moving your lab. Before moving your lab equipment in San Francisco, ensure that you understand the equipment’s sustainability, nature, and importance.

Always have a reliable backup. You will have a reserve in case of a mishap. Proper management helps in overcoming frustrations, unexpected costs, and communication challenges. When moving any lab equipment, consider its importance. Depending on the infrastructure, you might require mechanical, ventilation, electrical, or plumbing equipment.

Fundamental Factors When Moving Your Lab

Planning Forward Movement

Planning the movement of lab equipment in San Francisco allows for cost-effective, time-efficient, and seamless transition. Proper planning is important when coordinating the process. It is imperative to plan the movement and storage of the equipment. Always plan the movement of your equipment according to the frequency of its use. The process improves the productivity of your lab in the new location. In addition, it helps you set up the new lab quickly, be resourceful, and efficiently.

Assessing Possible Problems

When moving your lab, ensure you have efficient communication. Having contact with the whole team is essential. You must also have constant communication with the outsourced company. Ensure to keep your team informed on all the aspects of your project. It allows you to make the necessary changes and resolve any arising issues easily. Furthermore, having effective communication helps you lower your costs.

Some complex lab equipment requires removalists. Constant monitoring of your freight is useful. Monitoring your lab equipment in San Francisco rids you of any issues and makes communication very efficient.

Avoid Using Temporary Labs

Most temporary labs are very cheap and hassle-free. However, the result is a double movement. You will need to move your equipment two times. If you plan your lab movement well, you will not need a temporary lab. In addition, avoiding a temporary lab rids you the problem of money, efficiency, and time.

Effective Steps to Moving Your Lab

Set Up Your Team

When moving your lab equipment in San Francisco, utilize your existing staff. Assign each technical staff concise and clear duties. Each staff should have relevant tasks and duties to handle. To help you lessen this process, select effective team leaders among your staff.

Have essential roles assigned to all members of your team. These roles include:

  1. Lab movement team leader
  2. Logistics leader
  3. Equipment coordinator
  4. Consumables leader
  5. Communication specialist
  6. Furnishing technicians
  7. System engineers

If you want to avoid logistics problems, always have team meetings. It ensures that you maintain effective communication and keep your team leaders aware of the plans. In addition, the meetings with the team lead leader help you relay the information to the rest of the staff.

Maintain Communication

Before moving your lab equipment in San Francisco, inform all the team leaders. The team leaders will keep the rest of the team up to date with the communication. Any changes and decisions and changes will easily reach the rest of your staff.

Have Proper Planning

Record The Specifications of Each Equipment

When planning to move your lab, always consider your equipment’s specifications. These specifications include dimensions, weight, capabilities and specific requirements. Always have a folder with all your lab plans. These plans are critical in preparing and saving your time and costs.

Plan Your Transport

The means of transport is essential when moving your lab. You need to know the rules and guidelines for the movement of lab equipment in San Francisco. When you understand the functioning of your equipment, you can easily plan for the right transport system. Furthermore, you will have the correct cost of the freight and cost charges. You must note that some equipment requires a special transport mechanism.

Equipment Requirements

Avoid Any Contamination

Always make sure that you critically handle your lab equipment. It is important to avoid any contamination during transportation and storage. If you avoid contamination, you will have untainted research and accurate results.

Keep The Calibration

Almost all of your lab equipment require accuracy and precision. It is important to maintain the accuracy of your instruments. After re-installation, perform certain adjustments to maintain the calibration standards. Ensure that you transport your equipment carefully to avoid deviation in measurement.

Comply With The Requirements

To operate a heavily regulated laboratory, you must adhere to some standards. These standards are Goods Laboratory Practice and Good Manufacturing. The standards ensure that you meet legal compliance.


Specialized Transport

When moving valuable lab equipment in San Francisco, use a specified transport system. If you don’t have the means of transport, outsource from a reliable transporter. Using a specified transport will eliminate risks such as damage to your equipment and specimen.

Refrigerated Goods

Some refrigerated specimens require certain temperature ranges. When transporting these goods, always keep them according to their temperature patterns.

Hazardous Materials Permits

The government regulations require that you declare and obtain permits for hazardous materials. All hazardous materials should be documented, and special permits obtained before transportation.

Live Animals

You will have challenges transporting wild animals from your lab. Animals need food, water and the right temperature. Always eliminate all threats that might interfere with the lives of your animals.

Chain of Custody

You need to keep certain lab equipment in San Francisco confidential during transportation. These include expensive equipment, research and lab animals. These items require certain legal requirements.

Relocating Planning

Ensure you have the right route when transporting your lab equipment in San Francisco. Plan the specifications and the movement of your equipment.


Always have the right tools and materials before moving your lab. Have proper research with clarity and usability.


When moving lab equipment in San Francisco, have the right plan. If you consult Biotechnical Service, Inc., you will get the efficient movement of your lab equipment. We offer your valuable equipment proper communication, real-time data, and status monitoring. Contact us today for a premier laboratory experience. We are an accredited and ISO Certified laboratory with experienced technical staff in San Francisco.