For the productivity of your lab equipment calibration in Los Angeles, consider accuracy. Your calibration gauges and processes ought to be very precise. Improve calibration consistency to eliminate possible errors during various measurements. Ensuring that your measurements are quantified improves your calibration productivity.

There are several ways of increasing your lab equipment calibration in Los Angeles.

How to Increase Productivity of Your Lab Equipment Calibration

Install a Calibration Management Software

If you want to gauge the performance of your calibration processes, use management software. Management software provides a clear picture of the calibration rate of each technician. Using the software, you can determine the amount of equipment your lab can handle daily. In addition, you can find ways to cut costs and increase productivity using the software.

Use a Lab Automation Software

Using the normal calibration processes can time consuming and challenging. Automation software is useful when checking the process of calibration. You can easily get more information on the technician handling the task. You can tell the calibration stage of various processes at any given time. Moreover, the software can help check the workflow, reduce errors, and reduce installation time. The management can speedup up the coordination and eliminate training costs.

Avoid Calibration Errors

For your successful lab equipment calibration in Los Angeles, avoid process errors. Use automated software for calibration and management for seamless operations. The metrology software ensures that you calibrate your equipment without errors. In addition, you can maintain calibration standards and smooth workflow. You can use the software to determine the time of equipment shipping, location, and calibration stage. The calibration software keeps track of equipment both inside and outside the laboratory.

Another advantage of the software is that your customers and staff get information on the various calibration stages. You can eliminate the need for unnecessary manual equipment touchpoints a management software. An example of such software includes Test Asset Equipment. Using such software saves time and eliminates the chances of calibration errors.

Calibrate Equipment Simultaneously

The best way to increase your lab’s productivity is to run several calibrations simultaneously. It saves you the time of calibrating one piece of equipment at a time. One technician can configure the processes of various units with automated software. The management software will provide the calibration data of all the equipment at each stage. Using this method, you can keep your equipment fully functioning within a shorter time.

Reduce Calibration Setup Time

In most instances, getting equipment data can be tiresome. Assessing the previous equipment calibration history takes much longer. However, you can keep all the data in the management software. With the automated software, you can instantly get each piece of equipment data. Instead of checking one piece of equipment at a time, the management software has all information in one place. A technician can easily find all the calibration information of the equipment. Moreover, calibration data can be kept for future reference.

Use Software Support

Instead of drafting calibration procedures that metrologists must approve, you can use the software support system. When you have many pieces of equipment, it takes a lot of time to make a calibration process for each asset. Training your staff on various calibration processes takes time and resources. Using mobile calibration software ensures that you have accurate information. You can eliminate various constraints using the software and have quicker processes.

How to Get Started Increasing Productivity in Your Lab

Increasing your lab productivity ensures that you have a shorter turnaround time. The best method to increase the productivity of lab equipment calibration in Los Angeles is by installing software. By using automated calibration management software, you can easily manage your processes. However, installing and managing the software is a complex procedure. It requires further training of your staff. If you want to lessen the installation process, consult an expert.

Biotechnical Services, Inc. has the expertise to set up and implement calibration strategies in your lab. You can increase your lab’s productivity when the management software is up and running. Furthermore, you will reduce the workload of your staff.

Benefits of Lab Automation

Benefits on Productivity

  1. Using automated management software will reduce your equipment calibration. The software has equipment calibration suite data for faster processing.
  2. Calibrate new equipment within a short time. The hustle of finding the equipment information is avoided by the automated system.
  3. Reduce the calibration turnaround time. Since you will calibrate several pieces of equipment simultaneously, you will lessen the turnaround time.
  4. Having a management system will allow you to increase the calibration capacity. You will be flexible in your calibration processing dealing with different equipment simultaneously.
  5. The support has operation instructions incorporated into the system. You will not need to train your staff to operate the management software after installation.
  6. You will increase the productivity of lab equipment calibration by dealing with all instruments. The software wizard can connect to all equipment; hence you can grow in scope.

Benefits on Quality

  1. Using an automated system, you will not only meet the calibration requirements, but you will exceed them. Since the management system is accurate, you will exceed the required calibration standards.
  2. The calibration system is safe and controlled. Your customers will get an assurance of high-quality output.
  3. Equipment data revision is very efficient. The datasheets are stored and managed in the management software.
  4. The software can easily read and consistently fill up the equipment data sheets.
  5. Unlike manual operations, the software eliminates all transcription errors.
  6. Your calibration pass or fail status is provided automatically.
  7. Every equipment calibration data is stored online and can be assessed anytime.
  8. The management software has a library suite of each equipment calibration specifications.
  9. The software wizard has all the required standard and SI Unit converters.


If you want to increase the productivity of your lab equipment calibration in Los Angeles, consider automation of your processes. You can automate these processes using equipment management software. It makes your equipment calibration accurate with high precision. Furthermore, you can conduct calibration of various equipment simultaneously. In addition, you will eliminate transcription errors and save time and resources. For practical installation of lab equipment calibration in Los Angeles, contact Biotechnical Services, Inc.