Lab equipment repair ensures its reliability, accuracy, and dependability. The process will negatively impact test results when equipment is not working efficiently. To solve this problem, you need to repair your equipment through maintenance and calibration. If your equipment is completely broken down, you should consider replacing it. Whichever the case, lab equipment should be repaired or replaced by qualified personnel. Biotechnical Services Inc. has certified and experienced technical staff to handle your lab equipment repair. You can also contact us for quality equipment replacement.

Read on to know whether you need to repair or replace your lab equipment

Lab Equipment Repair

In most instances, companies prefer repairing their equipment. Replacement becomes the last option when equipment breaks down or malfunctions. As part of equipment maintenance, repairs should be done regularly. Repairing equipment reduces the running costs since you will not be required to purchase new equipment. Repairing is also part of equipment maintenance. It leads to more efficient and productive processes in your lab. For proper and accurate lab equipment repair, consider contacting an accredited company.

Reasons for Lab Equipment Repair

  • It is a cheap and cost-effective method of keeping your equipment in its original working conditions. It is cheaper to maintain equipment than to buy a new one.
  • It allows for the standard operating procedures for the maintenance of lab equipment. When correct standard operating procedures are followed, the process becomes efficient.
  • Maintaining equipment through repairs and calibration provides an opportunity to make equipment records. These records will enable a company to design maintenance schedules for proper lab operation.
  • Equipment repair ensures accuracy. Maintenance such as calibration and repairs ensure accurate and reliable results of your lab process.
  • Equipment such as centrifuges, thermos-cyclers, plate readers, liquid handlers, shakers, and incubators are sensitive. These instruments require special attention, calibration, repair, and maintenance at regular intervals. It is best to repair such equipment than to purchase new ones.
  • When you repair your lab equipment, it becomes more reliable, accurate, and lasts longer.

Lab Equipment Replacement

When equipment breaks down and can no longer function, it needs replacement. However, replacement is not always an overhaul of the entire plant. Sometimes, the affected components in equipment are replaced. When equipment performance decreases, the affected components are replaced to improve efficiency. However, it would be best to consider replacing the entire system when the equipment gets older. When deciding between lab equipment repair or replacement, consider the differences in the costs. Replacing lab equipment is viable if you look at the long-term costs. Consider looking for a trusted company when you want to replace your lab equipment. At Biotechnical Services Inc., you will get quality equipment and professional services. Our core values are based on integrity to our clients.

Reasons for Lab Equipment Replacement

  • When equipment goes down, it is time to replace it with a new one. The following are reasons for replacing your lab equipment:
  • When your equipment is old or has been used for a long, it is viable to replace it. Old equipment is inefficient and needs a new replacement.
  • If equipment has exceeded its life cycle, it is time to replace it. When an instrument is beyond its capacity, it is recommended to purchase a new one for an efficient lab process.
  • Once you purchase new equipment, you are provided free maintenance for up to three years. Sometimes it is better to replace your instrument instead of regular equipment repair, which is expensive in the long run.
  • Some companies have a policy of replacing broken lab equipment. In this case, lab equipment repair is not an option.
  • If you are considering upgrading your current lab equipment, the only option is to replace it.


It is important to keep your lab processes smooth and efficient. Smooth operations of lab equipment are achieved by maintenance through calibration or instrument repair. However, when equipment breaks down completely, it is best to replace it. If you also need to upgrade your equipment, it is best to replace it. Lab equipment repair and replacement are sensitive. You need an accredited professional to maintain or supply quality equipment. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we are a leader in lab equipment maintenance, repair, calibration, and installation. We have an accredited maintenance lab for repairs and calibration. We also supply and install original and high-quality lab equipment. Contact us today for premier and professional lab equipment repair and replacement.