If you are considering opening a laboratory in San Francisco, there are several factors to consider. You can either start an analytical systems, instruments, or consumables library. You can also offer specialized solutions for a particular niche of an application or industry. Some people prefer to open a general lab offering a wide range of products. These products serve academic institutions, medical diagnostic centers, and industrial research facilities. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we can help you with expert advice and the necessary materials to start your laboratory equipment in San Francisco. We can supply you with lab consumables and also advanced lab instruments for any industry

What to Know about Local Lab Equipment Providers

Before finding the lab equipment, it’s essential to critically decide the services you want to offer to know the specific instruments you will need. After establishing the equipment blueprint, it’s crucial to find the right technicians for your laboratory. Lastly, it would be best if you found the right supplier. That’s where Biotechnical Services Inc. comes in. We will guide you on all the steps and the right equipment for your lab.

Here are the important factors you need to know when looking for a local equipment provider:

Determine The Lab Equipment Requirements

When aiming at starting a lab, this is the first thing to do.  You must be sure of the accomplishments to be met by your lab equipment. The equipment you need must meet your demands. Additionally, before purchasing a piece of equipment, determine the specialist or an expert operating it. It is also good to find out how many of such specialists are needed to run the equipment. It is good to find technicians that will require minimal or no further training for lab safety.

Ask Technical Queries about The Equipment

Once you have found your lab equipment supplier in San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco, ask them technical questions. It’s good to ask specific and detailed questions about the equipment. Also, get to know more information on the performance of the equipment you are purchasing.  Other vital questions include process outcome, quantities and speed, and the overall equipment maintenance. The questions help you to gauge whether the supplier is conversant with the equipment or not. The other factor about asking questions is you will know how long the supplier takes to answer your equipment questions. It is good to find a supplier with seamless communication for the smooth operation of your lab. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we provide our clients with valuable information on the technical specifications of the various equipment they wish to buy. We also answer questions regarding the performance of the equipment once the client purchases.

Examine Quotes

Since lab equipment is costly, it is essential to find a supplier that sells the equipment at a fair price. A good supplier will discuss in detail each charge on the equipment. Our clients at Biotechnical Services Inc. enjoy friendly prices for the equipment they purchase. We also provide a detailed explanation of each line item for our products.

Discuss The Installation Process of The Lab Equipment

The installation process is the best phase of assessing your supplier. Once you discuss the equipment, the supplier can visit your lab to access your facility. The supplier will verify the space, size, and installation guidance and provide the technicians to install your equipment. When looking for lab equipment in San Francisco, it is best to find expert advice on the installation process and requirements from Biotechnical Services Inc.

Cost Estimation

When starting a laboratory, it is best to establish a lab information management system. It provides you with the instrument and lab data, with the analyses and the reports. The system helps in evaluating your lab efficiency before starting. With the accounting database, you will be able to establish the capital cost of the equipment and the expenditure required in the maintenance of the equipment. The cost estimation will provide the cost of the equipment and the cost of hiring personnel to operate the equipment.

Stages of Laboratory Installation

1. Deciding on the services you need and creating a budget

Different suppliers have different sets of services. Some suppliers will install and maintain your lab will others will take control of your lab from the start to the end.  These factors determine the budget you will set aside for your lab. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we have a comprehensive offer for our clients to establish their new laboratories and equipment.

2. Planning and Design

The features you want in your lab will determine the building to set up your lab. Plan the installation place of the equipment to ensure suitability and ease of use. It is good to find out whether your laboratory equipment’s designs, brands, and features comply with the regulatory bodies and the laws.

3. Purchase and Installation of The Equipment

It is best to find a competent company to purchase and install your lab equipment at this stage. Some features in the lab are very delicate and risky and can only be fixed by qualified personnel.

4. Maintenance

Once the installation is complete, the work doesn’t stop. There will be ongoing and regular maintenance of your laboratory equipment. Regular maintenance makes your lab efficient and safe for the staff. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we undertake to maintain your lab equipment when you purchase from us.

List of Necessary Equipment

Having the right equipment for your lab ensures the accuracy and efficiency of your tasks. You will save both time and resources. 

Here are the types of equipment necessary when starting your lab.

Circulating Chiller

It is a powerful tool for cooling and heating.  The Circulating chiller is equipped with sophisticated controller technology and expansive temperature ranges. The circulating chiller offers precise and reliable temperature stability for in-bath and external circulation applications. It is a necessary tool for providing pressure in both closed and open system loops.


An incubator provides temperature stability and contamination control technology. Its filtration system is essential in eliminating vapours and other volatile organic compounds.

Hot Plate Stirrer

It is an important piece of equipment for both heating and stirring.


It is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment for magnifying a specimen under research.

Water Bath

It provides a uniform temperature for sample storage. It has a microprocessor for increasing temperature accuracy.


It’s vital equipment for steam sterilization in a lab facility.

Other types of equipment include:

  • Thermal cyclers
  • Freezers and Refrigerators
  • Ovens and Furnaces
  • Lyophilizes
  • Balances and Analytical Scales


The process of setting up a lab is costly. It is best to give the overall task of supplying, installing, and maintaining your lab to a reliable company. At Biotechnical Services Inc., we provide lab equipment supplies primarily in San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. We provide customer advice on the best lab equipment to purchase for various purposes. We have a long history of supplying lab equipment for our clients in multiple industries. Contact us today at Biotechnical Services Inc. for the best services.