The accuracy and reliability of your lab equipment depend on its calibration. You can opt to calibrate your equipment or outsource the service to a calibration company. Depending on your company’s available resources and workforce, you can choose the type of calibration service that best suits your needs. Generally, outsourced calibration is much better than in-house calibration. You may encounter some serious setbacks when you calibrate equipment on your own. You can outsource all your lab equipment calibration to Biotechnical Services, Inc. We offer the most comprehensive and accurate lab equipment calibration in Los Angeles.

In-House Lab Equipment Calibration

In-house calibration refers to the option where you choose to calibrate your equipment on your own. If you want to perform in-house calibration, you need highly trained technicians and engineers. Furthermore, your lab needs all the necessary calibration instruments in your laboratory.

Disadvantages of In-House Calibration

Most companies prefer monitoring every step of the production process on their own. However, processes such as calibration are sensitive and expensive. Inaccurate calibration could lead to product failure and severe consequences on the production process, leading to great loss. Due to the high risks and chances of less calibration precision, in-house calibration is not the best choice.

Here are some problems associated with in-house calibration:


The cost of establishing a lab and purchasing calibration equipment can negatively affect your company’s budget. Furthermore, training your staff on how to calibrate various pieces of equipment is costly. Since calibration is done periodically, keeping a lab idle cannot justify the lump sum amount of money used in its establishment.


In-house calibration results are less accurate than third-party science laboratories. Calibration companies have invested in the latest, accurate calibration instruments. For instance, Biotechnical Services, Inc. offers premier lab equipment calibration in Los Angeles using precise instruments such as auto-collimator, interferometers, rotary tables, etc. It is very expensive for a typical company to install such high-end devices. Moreover, accurate calibration requires a controlled environment with precise altitude, temperature and humidity, and barometric pressure. These factors are difficult to establish in a company’s in-house calibration lab.


Specialty labs have employed trained and experienced technicians in metrology. These specialists can deliver accurate results using the required calibration parameters. Achieving the same in-house purpose will require taking your staff for further training. When you take your staff for training, you will reduce your company’s productivity. Hiring qualified technicians will increase the running costs of your company due to elevated compensation.

Longer Turnaround

Third-party companies operate on a full-time mode offering calibration services hence a shorter turnaround time. Your in-house team may have other tasks to perform in your company, resulting in a longer turnaround period. For efficiency, your lab needs a dedicated team which may be costly for your company.

Outsourced Lab Equipment Calibration

When you need to outsource your calibration services, you can ship your equipment to their lab, or the company can send some of its calibration specialists to your firm. Outsourcing your calibration services is a wise idea since you will save time and money and get verified results from a scientific laboratory.

Here are the advantages of outsourcing your calibration services:

Save on Costs

Getting calibration services from a third-party company eliminates the costs of establishing a lab and training your staff. An in-house calibration lab is also expensive to maintain. You will incur equipment maintenance, heating, cooling, and space costs if you have a calibration lab. Since calibration is done occasionally, outsourcing is the best option to save on operational costs.

Verifiable Results

You will get consistent and verifiable results when you outsource your equipment calibration. Since standardization organizations regulate calibration companies, you will be certain to get the most accurate results. Furthermore, a calibration company will provide you with documentation verifying the tests and your company audits.

Fast Turnaround

A third-party calibration company provides a faster turnaround, especially with on-site calibrations. Since these companies specialize solely in calibration, you will receive your adjusted equipment within a short time. Relying on your lab for calibration takes time since your staff has other tasks. Even if you prioritize calibration in your in-house lab, other production processes will fall in the schedule. Therefore, it is best to take your equipment to a calibration company so that your staff can concentrate on their duties.

Secure Lab Environment

Calibration companies operate under strict standards and lab controls. The strict requirements ensure that you get the most accurate calibration results. These requirements are difficult to achieve in an in-house lab due to the high cost of establishing such a facility and the money needed to employ or train existing staff. Outsourcing your calibration services ensures that your instruments are adjusted in a secure environment according to the protocols, and the results meet the manufacturer’s standards.


Choosing the best method of calibration service depends on your equipment requirements, budget, and time. Establishing a functional lab with qualified personnel could strain your company’s budget. Outsourcing your calibration services will guarantee accuracy, save time, and produce results that meet acceptable standards. Biotechnical Services, Inc. has a modern scientific laboratory with premier calibration equipment. Our lab is ISO certified and is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation. We offer precise and reliable lab equipment calibration in Los Angeles and the neighboring regions in California.