To successfully level a centrifuge for safety and proper operation, ensure the centrifuge must be on a level stable surface like a level floor or lab bench.

Tools required: a rotor installed in the centrifuge, a level, and a wrench to adjust leveling feet.

Process Steps

  1. Open centrifuge lid.
  2. Place level on the center yoke of the installed rotor. (see photo)
  3. Rotate the level in position to determine which leveling foot to adjust.
  4. Adjust leveling feet front to back, side to side until the unit is level.
  5. Verify that the bubble is in the center of the level when rotated.
  6. When the unit is level front to back, side to side, that’s it you are done.
  7. Remove the level. Place the rotor lid on and tighten, if there is one. Close the centrifuge lid, perform a test run to verify the unit functions properly with minimal vibration.