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Manufactured by: Jeio Tech

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Intensive drying performance with a powerful air-flow manufactured. “Best Product for Reliable Results” by Jeio Tech.
Operating features

  • 10℃ above room temperature to 250℃
  • Microprocess PID control/ Auto-tuning/ Calibration
  • Digital timer: 1 min to 99 hr 59 min, delayed ON/ OFF
  • Over-temperature limiter/ Door opening alarm
  • 3 different temperature values memorable without auto-tuning
  • Digital LED display (1℃ resolution) with touch-sensitive keypads
  • RS-232 interface available

Constructional features

  • Forced-air convection with a noiseless sirocco fan which ensures good mixing and strong dispersion
  • Optimized sample monitoring with threefold tempered safety glass window (optional)
  • Adjustable fan speed with analog dial to prevent powder sample blowing (optional)
  • Dual-wall door opens to 180° and features double rack door handle
  • Rounded inner chamber corners for easy cleaning and better air-flowing
  • Corrosion-resistant incoloy sheath heater and stainless steel interior
  • Adjustable 2 top ventilation slides to control inner air, vapor circulation (dia 38mm/ 1.5″)


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