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Manufactured by: Jeio Tech

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Extraction Filter Systems

  • Single type and double type filter systems are available. Double type filter system can accommodate two arms,
    beneficial for space efficiency. If necessary, you can cover up one extraction hole in order to use it as single type filter system.
    In this case, you can also place filter system under table. Use of it alone without installing any arms can also perform as an air purifier.
  • Durable BLDC motor provides quiet and comfortable working environment.
  • Automatic fan malfunction warning alarm.
  • Convenient air flow control.
  • Airflow rate Max. 240m3/h(tested with installing one arm)
  • Compact body with built in castors for great mobility.
    (460x460x650mm / 18.1×18.1×25.6inch)


  • Various filters are on your selection for safe and effective fume extraction.
  • Gas detecting port for checking filter condition.

Extraction Arm Hoods

  • 50mm and 75mm arms are available. Also 2 joints and 3 joints are selective.
    Arm joints are easily removable for simple adjustment oflength of the arm. (removable parts : B)
  • 360-degree rotatable joints in the arms provide exceptional flexibility for easy positioning.
  • Chemical-resistant and heavy duty polypropylene extraction arm.
  • Air flow rate is adjustable by the damper of the extraction arm.

Additional Components

  • Different shapes of hoods are available for effective fume extraction. Dome hood is suitable for extracting heated fumes or fumes lighter than air.
    Square hood is specially designed to face on the working surface, extracting fumes heavier than air.
  • Table bracket set can fix arm to working table, beneficial for convenient user’s experiments on the table. In addition to that, filter system can
    be located under table for space saving.