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Shipping Weight: 220lbs

Manufactured by: Jeio Tech

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Structural functional features

  • Stable temperature control with excellent insulation and sealing structure.
  • Clean construction with no condensation on outer walls.
  • Interior has excellent corrosion resistance as made of stainless steel.
  • Magnetic packing door with smooth opening and closing.
  • Casters for easy movement / installation. (except for 150 model)
  • Space-efficient configuration with double stackable. (for 150 model)
  • Auto defrost function eliminates the need for separate defrosting.

Use Convenience Features

  • Stable control with JEIO TECH’s exclusive controller.
  • Easy to use with Clear VFD and Touch Key.
  • Simultaneously displays set temperature and actual temperature.
  • Calibration function minimizes temperature difference.
  • Height-adjustable and strong shelf provided as standard.
  • Built-in fluorescent lamps. (except for 150 model)
  • Glass door model for easy storage status checking.
  • Convenient connecting external devices through Ø50 mm cable port. (optional) (except for 70,150 model)

Outstanding Safety

  • The 850 and 1400 model are equipped with two refrigeration systems to maintain temperature even in the event of a single refrigeration system failure.
  • Temperature deviation notification. (Hi & Low Temperature)
  • Malfunction prevented by controller lock function.
  • Door lock with key as standard.
  • Enhanced security with digital door lock. (CLG3)

Satisfies the requirements for safe cold storage of pharmaceuticals

  • Temperature fluctuation and variation meets the requirements of ICH Guideline Q1A. (R2)
  • Stable temperature control for long-term operation.

Accessories provided for convenient use

  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected (mobile monitoring system) connection.
    (when purchased LC GreenBox, CLG3-70 Only)
  • Voice alarm system transmits voice messages to designated phone if there is an abnormality in operation (optional).
  • Convenient use with drawer type shelf (optional).
  • Selection of various temperature recorders. (optional) (Dot, Chart, Thermal Line)