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Manufactured by: Jeio Tech

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Performance & Convenience

  • The electrophoresis system is a molded transparent polycarbonate product with superior shock-resistance, transparent, and durability to acrylic adhesives.
  • Detachable electrode assembly allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Each unit comes with one banana cable. Black & red cables are coupled together and can be inserted or extracted at the same time.
  • UV-transparent gel trays allow for viewing bands on the UV-transilluminator without removing gel tray.
  • Diverse-sized molded gel trays and casters for leak-free casting
    – EP-5 : 82x81mm (1ea) and 82x58mm (2ea) gel trays with one comb position.
    – EP-10 : 181x103mm (2ea) gel trays with max. four comb positions.
    – EP-18 : 181x206mm (1ea) gel tray with max. six comb positions.
  • Double-sided combs are provided depending on each model.
    – EP-5 : 1mm thick 27-and 40-well comb (1ea)
    – EP-10, 18 : 1.5mm thick 20-and 31-well comb (2ea),
    1mm thick 20-and 31-well comb (2ea),
    1.5mm thick 16-and 20-well comb (2ea),
    1mm thick 16-and 20-well comb (2ea),
    1.5mm thick 25-and 34-well comb (2ea),
    1mm thick 25-and 34-well comb (2ea)
  • 31-well comb and 16-well comb for matching multichannel pipettes. Suitable for large amounts of sample screening- up to 186 samples at once using 6 combs in EP-18 gel tray.
  • Comb-setting grooves in gel trays or caster prevents sliding of combs.
  • Adjustable gel length.
  • Flat, uniformly thick gels are formed by built in level maker on the gel tray and level bubble on the gel castor.