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Do Your Lab Instruments Need Calibration? Find Out Here

a2laYou know that consistent and timely calibration of your lab equipment is essential to all of your production and research to meet regulatory requirements.

Determing when you need to calibrate depends on a number of factors:

  • If the equipment is new
  • If it has been moved or disturbed
  • After any repairs are done
  • If it has been altered or modified in any way
  • After a specific time period has elapsed
  • When the number of operating hours is reached/exceeded
  • Before or after a crucial measurement or critical test
  • When test results seem suspect
  • Manufacturer’s recommendation/specs

The amount of time to calibrate the equipment varies from as short as one day to a week or more. The more complicated the instrument, the longer it can take to get an accurate calibration.

And adding to the amount of time for a calibration, is if the piece of equipment needs repairs or new parts.

Having an essential instrument down for calibration costs you both employee time and money.

A cost-effective way to reduce the loss of time and money is to have your instruments calibrated on off days or hours.

Biotechnical Services now offers service on the second Saturday of each month.



Saturday Service





Saturday Service



Now you can schedule any on-site calibration, service or repair


of your lab equipment without losing any downtime!


We now offer Saturday service on the 2nd Saturday of each month.


Space is limited – contact us to schedule your appointment right away!


All Saturday service calls include 50% off Travel Charges.


Contact BTS at 1-800-274-0287 or schedule on-line.

Saturday Hours: 9AM – 5PM