Going Anaerobic

Anaerobic Chamber Catalyst

There are several factors that will help to insure that your chamber will ‘go’ anaerobic.

1. Make sure that you have a good supply of the anaerobic gas (tri-mix gas). Standard anaerobic gas consists of; 90% Nitrogen (N2), 5% Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and 5% Hydrogen (H2). Special gas mixture may be obtained through your present specialty gas supplier.

2. A fresh catalyst must be present for the system to work effectively. The catalyst must be baked for 2 hours at 160 degrees centigrade before the initial setup and before each day that they chamber is in use.

3. An anaerobic indicator (oxygen indicator) is used to confirm that this condition has been achieved inside of the chamber. We recommend using the type where the strips are vacuum pack and have to be opened inside of the chamber. If you are using the ‘oxygen indicator strips’ that are normally used in jar, remember that they have to be kept moist to work properly.

What if you have too much oxygen?  Make sure the catalyst is being baked out properly.  If the dehumidifier is taking excessive amount of moisture out of the air, you probably have someone entering the chamber without properly running through the three cycles.  If you have slow growth in the incubator part of the chamber, take a small fan into the chamber and blow out the incubator portion while purging the chamber.

If all else fails… give us a call!

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